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I keep wanting to animate lipsyncing
that feelin' when you know people talkin shit because their attempt at being "sneaky" backfires every time
stares longingly at pmdstarfall and my underused Toonboom subscription
Does anyone play DND campaigns? I’m looking to join some for kicks and to practice. Hmu if you need a player!
Flowering Fragility Part 2 by WishfulVixen  check it out kiddoes, getting closer to my final goal uwu~


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Wishful Crown fixing

Wed Sep 20, 2017, 6:10 PM

Hey so, if you haven't noticed by now, im going through the entirity of Wishful Crown's adventures and editing them and retconning worthless information. Some comics I've already replaced but there are some written things (such as Persecuted) That I can't change into art form and it irritates me a lot to have to link back and fourth from here to my 

My main question is if you guys find the written segments out-of-place compared to the rest of the comics surrounding it, or if they really dont bother you that much and dont mind me keeping them.

The problem with replacing the old stuff with comics is that first, it takes eons to do, especially with big changes like Astra moving in with Kal and Sar in Persecuted. It would be easier on me, (and my hand) to just re-write those chapters since I feel like no ones gonna go back and read them anyway.
There's also written portions that, while they're important,  I just dooont have the patience to turn them into comic format (Aka Fix Me Plot)

The problem with written, again, is that most of them SHOULD have been comics originally but that didn't turn into fruition and a lot of the visuals i had were lost. The other issue is, again, no one reads them.

After the Geoda Tasks comic (the one i left on) there will be no written stuff at all. Everything will be comics from there on out. 
I could just be worn out but looking at the mountain of stuff i have to draw before i could even get back to Memory Lure is almost too daunting and i do want to speed up the process a little. I would be able to skip drawing Persecuted, Haunted and Fix Me which leaves me only with Flowering Fragility, Leaky Roof, and The Maintainer. (All silent short comics) 

I've gone on long enough

All the stories for Wishful Crown are here:…

I've also organized them chronologically but only half of them have been edited and marked as placeholders. 
If any of Air's characters, with the exception of Ignazio since he's mine now, show up, I'm working on editing them out. 

Kal will be replaced by Kallista in all chapters and Sar will be replaced by Sarnali. 
Narcissus never existed. He was a dumb character to begin with, and all the other teams that kept showing up and never actually moving the story on are being retconned too, including Jezebel. In stories where they do have a critical role in moving the story forward, they will be replaced with a different character that is dubbed "the maintainer." You will see over time.
All plots revolving around Samehk and Teagan also never happened, those were also pointless
Speaking of Teagan, Errand 4's file is damaged and i will not be able to edit him out, as such i will be doing a simple splash page just featuring Astra and her masquerade outfit. Ive just been overwhelmed with work till now

which reminds me I have an essay to write oh shit

  • Listening to: Anything
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  • Playing: Pokemon Soul Silver
  • Eating: nothin
  • Drinking: cola

If I made adoptables, what would you be interested in the most? Suggest in comments. 

138 deviants said Fantasy creatures/animals
92 deviants said Pokemon
50 deviants said Warriors/Cats
26 deviants said natural looking Animals
8 deviants said ponies


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I'm reading on of your comics on webtoon (that's what brought me here) and I absoulotly love your art. 😍😍
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I just wanted to let you know if you need help I'm here! I want to be as helpful as I can, in any way. I'd love to color or shade or assist in any way you need to make it easier on you

If you don't mind me helping ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ
OokamiNoTsubasa Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2017
Just loved too much WWG to not watch you, also the eyes you draw are lovely and your art style is adorable! *-*
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Here I am as promised. Swiped on you in Patook
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soooo..... Iheard you speak a bit of spanish? 7v7
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Hello. I just found your art for I think it's Sorceress Saga and I keep on getting jumbled up trying to go through it any place where I can see the parts in order?
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//eagle screeches

I love your art so much oh my god!? Stop your too talented-
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your new file name is very nice. so what's the story that helped you come up with this name.
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Love your new user name. Very pretty. :)
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